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Strategies To Help Those Dealing With Memory Loss

It can be difficult for the person you care for to accept what little memory lapses could mean, like forgetting where they left the remote control or what time they were meant to meet for lunch. For many people in similar situations, it is common to feel frustrated, embarrassed or sad, among other emotions. The important thing is that the person you care for finds their own way of coping with these feelings. It may help for you to encourage them to try some of the following:

  • Talk
    Sharing their feelings with a trusted family member or friend can help them better understand their situation and feel a sense of support.
  • Cry
    It can be a huge relief to cry – tears release chemicals in the body that help make people feel better.
  • Laugh
    This also triggers the release of ‘feel-good’ chemicals in the body. Encourage the person you care for to take any opportunity to laugh about the funny side of life.
  • Enjoy
    Continue to support them to do the things they enjoy, as this can give their mood a boost if or when they are feeling down.
  • Let Go
    There may be times they become stressed or frustrated trying to remember something. Remind them to be kind to themselves – take their time, try letting it go and focus on something else.