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Making The Most Out Of Doctor Appointments

For the person you care for to really benefit from their healthcare professional appointments, it is important for the both of you to communicate well with the doctor and medical team about any health concerns.

Below are a few strategies you can try at your next appointment to help with more successful communication:

  • Plan ahead
    Before the appointment, take some time to think about the main questions you and the person you care for would like to ask their doctor. Write these down, and discuss them with a family member or close friend if possible. They may help by reminding you of something you have mentioned that has been troubling you.
  • Take along a family member or close friend
    Having another pair of ears or someone to take notes for you can be useful. This can allow you to focus on what the doctor is saying. You may also find it helpful to have someone to discuss any issues with afterwards.
  • Take all the time you need
    Do not feel you have to rush through your questions to keep the visit short. Also take the time to give the doctor as much information as you can. This will help them better understand your loved one’s condition.
  • Ask for further explanation
    You can always ask the doctor to explain something again if you do not understand. If they use medical terms you are not familiar with, or what they say does not make sense, you can ask them to explain it more simply.
  • Relax
    It is important you and the person you care for feel comfortable enough with their doctor to talk to them about any health concerns. It may take time to feel totally at ease with one another, but if after a while you or the person you care for still do not seem able to connect with their doctor, it is okay to change to one who better meets your needs.