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Adjusting To The Life Of A Carer

It is all too easy for people caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease to put their own needs last. But it is important for you, the person you are caring for, and those around you, that you consider your own needs too. Here are some simple steps that can help you cope.

  • Acknowledge your feelings
    As a carer, you may experience a wide range of feelings, from guilt and grief to frustration and anger. While there is no simple way to deal with these feelings, they are completely natural. Allow yourself to really feel what you are feeling.
  • Take time out
    Taking time to relax at some point every day, whether it is something as simple as reading the paper or sitting down with a cup of tea, can help you better cope with your role. If possible, aim to go out once a week to meet friends and do something you enjoy.
  • Build a support network
    Ask family, trusted neighbours or friends for a hand. If this is not an option, take advantage of carer support services that may be available in your area. LEARN MORE (Button links to Community Support Page)
  • Be kind to yourself
    Do not fall into the trap of listing all the things you think you have done wrong each day or endlessly imagining what you could have done differently. Providing care for someone can feel like a thankless task, but what you are doing is important and valuable. It is okay to remind yourself of that.
  • Stay healthy
    Looking after yourself starts with your physical wellbeing. A healthy, well-balanced diet and regular physical exercise may help you feel more energised and may help improve your mood. Also make sure to visit your doctor regularly to check up on your own health as well as discuss any concerns you may have.