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When we think of memory and ageing, images of misplacing the keys or forgetting an acquaintance’s name typically spring to mind. Some forgetfulness is normal as we get older, but with a little tender love and care there are plenty of ways to keep the mind sharp as we age.

However, for those living with early Alzheimer’s disease, we understand every day is different. No journey is the same and this is an adjustment not only for the person diagnosed, but also for their carer.

The pages in this section offer information and support for those concerned about their memory as well as carers and those diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s disease.

Living with Alzheimer’s Disease

An Alzheimer’s diagnosis is life-changing, but there are helpful resources and information that can help make navigating this journey a little easier.

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Caring for the carer

It’s just as important for carers to be mindful of their own health. Find out information’s on how to cope with day to day living as a carer and where to find help when you need it.

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Keeping your brain healthy

Diet plays in important role in brain health and research has shown that eating the right combination of foods can help delay cognitive decline.

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