How does Souvenaid® work?

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  • There is a growing body of evidence showing that people with early Alzheimer’s disease have low levels of certain nutrients compared to healthy individuals of the same age. These nutrients play an important role in brain health and memory function. Souvenaid® has been designed to supply these nutrients to aid the naturally occurring processes in the brain, that are involved in maintaining the brain's integrity. Souvenaid® contains nutrients that occur naturally in food, although the amount of these nutrients would be difficult to achieve through a normal diet. The combination of nutrients is unique, and they work together, so that the effect is greater than when taking them individually.


    Clinically Proven
  • Two clinical trials have been carried out to look at the effect of Souvenaid® on patients with mild Alzheimer's disease and one in mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease. Souvenir I trial, investigated the effects of Souvenaid® over a 12 week period. In Souvenir II, the study period was extended to 24 weeks.

    All trials showed, in patients taking Souvenaid®,  the nutrients were absorbed, as reflected in the increased measured blood samples during the trial period, resulting in improved nutritional status.